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Here are the Pat Casey media appearances I can find as they happen. Please let me know if I’ve missed any.



Wicklow TD Pat Casey talking about the governments new Housing Action plan.



Fianna Fail TD Pat Casey on East Coast FM talking about the results of the Democratic Vote in the United Kingdom to leave the undemocratic behemoth that the EU has become.



Pat Casey on East Coast FM being interviewed by Declan Meehan on the recent reports in the Daily Mail that there is a war between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael over the Health Service.



Wicklow TDs Pat Casey & Andrew Doyle on East Coast FM discussing the newly formed government.


Pat Casey TD at the German Ambassador Matthias Hopfner visit to Wicklow and Bray Municipal District.

Wicklow Times 26/04/2016

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Pat Casey on East Coast FM speaking about the ongoing talks around government formation and how water charges are the sticking block


Just got off the phone with our own Pat Casey TD. To clear things up. Pat said he is dead set AGAINST water charges. He said that he was one of the TDs who campaigned in the election to abolish Irish Water….. So that is that….  I’m going to change the comment on the link to his radio interview to reflect this…. If he has the cahunies to call and clear it up then credit where its due.


Pat Casey on East Coast FM speaking about the implications of the Hillwalkers court case to Wicklow



Pat Casey speaking on East Coast FM regarding the formation of a government



Pat Casey at Wicklow County Council


Presentation by Councillors to all five TDs to congratulate them on their election to the 32nd Dáil. Click on Picture to see a bigger version.

John Brady


16th January 2016

This article is from the Irish Independent website. I’m not sure if it ran in the actual print edition. I’ve included it as it divided the Fianna Fail support in Arklow. There was a lot of support locally for Pauric Hyland and he has earned a lot of respect from all political people of all parties and none. Therefore I think it is relevant.

Whatever was going on in Fianna Fail party headquarters it appears they were trying to crowbar Cuffe in to the Fianna Seat they wanted to win for Wicklow by dividing Caseys vote. They knew Hyland held a great deal of respect in Arklow. Due to the handbags between Caseys supporters and Arklow Fianna Fail vote. It appears they thought Cuffe would get Hylands Fianna Fail transfers as they would not vote No. 2 for Casey and Caseys supporters wouldn’t transfer to Hyland leaving Cuffe the only other option. Gotta love this stuff.



Pat Casey voted FOR the destruction of the historic Fitzwilliam Square. Wicklow People


This has been an ongoing saga. It has been voted on ttwice before and turned down. Due to the council being offered money to fix the traffic problem at the bottom of Phil Healys hill they will not accept a no vote. newly elected councillor at the time to Wicklow municipal district Pat Casey brought it back on the table again. A case of keep voting until you give the right answer. Due to the this vote destruction to this historic area is now imminent. The councillors in the Wicklow municipal district that supported this destruction were Irene Winters, Pat Casey, Daire Nolan and Shay Cullen.

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Pat Casey on the Vincent Brown Public Debate Television Show in Wicklow

Jan 2015

This is where Pat Casey made the now infamous “Fine Gael are nearly as bad as Fianna fail”. Go to time 41.55 to hear it.