Pat Fitzgerald and the Wicklow Ballynagran Super Dump

BalinagranBefore we get into fact I want to air what was told to me last night by a department official on the Ballynagran Super Dump. The person told me that this was just a test to see what the public reaction would be. !50,000 tonnes increase of waste up to 190,000 tonnes. A 40,000 ton increase. But the hope is to make Ballynagran a 300,000 ton Wicklow Super dump.

Now there is no documentation for that so we have to remember that.

But that is frightening. Considering the fact that we have not one but two government ministers as TDs its absolutely amazing that while we languish as last in IDA visits for jobs, Wicklow is now considered the biggest dump in Wicklow. Andrew Doyle and Simon Harris have an awful lot to answer for.

I refuse to believe that Simon Coveney the minister who signed in this law to make Wicklow a dump did not consult his fellow Fine Gael and Wicklow TDs Simon Harris and Andrew Doyle. Both of which have very important questions to answer.

The letter went out at 4.55pm from Wicklow County Council to all TDs and Councillors on Friday the 18th of November. By the time they had read the letter the offices of Council and department had closed. A very cynical move.
Pat FitzgeraldThe Chairman of Wicklow County Council Cllr Pat Fitzgerald needs to come forward and tell people when he knew of the problem and if he knew before 4.55pm on Friday 18th why he didn’t let the county and the Cllrs know of this massive scandal that is now engulfing the garden county,

Certainly, our county manager Brian Doyle knew as he was involved in the negotiations to implement these emergency laws. If Pat Fitzgerald didn’t know then why did the County Manager Brian Doyle not tell him?

Yesterday Cllr Pat Fitzgerald refused a request by a Cllr for him to call a special meeting of Wicklow County Council on this very important matter. Under the local government act there are two ways to call this meeting.

  1. Council chairman (Pat Fitzgerald) can call one
  2. A quorum of councillors can call one themselves. 9 Cllrs must sign a call for this meeting.

Wicklow County Council Chairman Cllr Pat Fitzgerald must explain why he thought a Super Dump was so trivial as to just get a mention in next weeks budget meeting and NOT a special meeting of its own. The UNSIGNED press release from the council didn’t even mention this.

No matter what, one thing is certainly clear Cllr Pat Fitzgeralds administration as chairman of Wicklow County Council is definitely in question. Is he fit to lead our council?

John-SnellThe Wicklow Municipal District Cllrs of Gail Dunne, John Snell, Irene Winters, Mary Kavanagh, Daire Nolan, Shay Cullen must also let us know what their feelings and allegiances are on this super dump? Will they and Pat Fitzgerald Guarrantee that the planning regulations will be re-instated in January now that they have been ignored. The fact that the planning regulations stating that there is a 150,000 ton limit CAN be just ignored is enough of a worry. Whats to stop them just sticking a 300,000 ton waste limit in there?

It seems that turning Wicklow into a Super Dump is not a problem for Cllr Pat Fitzgerald. The next few day will prove this wrong or right.

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