Council Meetings

Coverup continuesCouncil Meeting are held at least once a month. Some months may have a special meeting to  discuss particular issues that have come to light such as the movement/placing/interference with evidence at the fire crime scene that killed brave fire fighters Brian Murray and Mark O'Shaughnessy.

Meetings transcriptes at the time they happen. The council have only started to make these transcripts available as an archive. If you want to see them then click here.

Here are the Council Meeting minutes from 2009 up to the most recent released. Council Meeting minutes can take a few months before the council are finished vetting them before they are available. As soon as they are released they will be here.



September 8th 2014



Ordinary Meeting January 13th 

Ordinary Meeting February 3rd

Ordinary Meeting March 3rd

Special Meeting March 14th

Ordinary Meeting April 7th

Ordinary Meeting April 28th

Ordinary Meeting May 19th

Annual Meeting June 6th

Special Meeting June 6th


Ordinary Meeting January 14th

Ordinary & Special Meeting February 11th

Ordinary Meeting March 4th

Ordinary Meeting April 8th

Ordinary Meeting  May 13th

Ordinary Meeting May 20th

Ordinary Meeting June 10th

Annual Meeting June 17th

Ordinary Meeting July 1st


Ordinary Meeting September 2nd

Ordinary meeting October 7th

Special Meeting October 14th

Ordinary Meeting November 4th






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