Council Meeting Transcripts

Eddie CouncilCouncil Meeting Transcripts

Meeting transcripts of Council meetings are now available to the public thanks to the insistance of Councillor Tom Fortune. Many thanks to both Councillor Fortune and the Cathaoirleach Councillor Chris Fox for this very important addition to the councils information repertoire. This came out of a very good discussion on East Coast radio after the first meeting of the new 32 member county council.

This gives a far more accurate representation of what actually happened at the meeting. If there are any discrepancies they will be highlighted and changed in the interest of accuarcy, transparency and openness. The meeting transcripts are written by a stenographer present in the chamber. It normally appears on a large screen above the Wicklow County Council chamber so people present can see exactly what is being said. With an increased 32 member council it can become very confusing trying to hear who said what. The meeting transcripts are an invaluable democratic tool in our attempt to make our local representatives and council officials accountable for their decisions.

Its important for people to scan meeting transcripts every month or as they become available to review the effectiveness of the local representative for your area and your county council officials. 


Letter-T-icon Wicklow Co Co Meeting 07 July 2014

Letter-T-icon Wicklow Co Co Special Meeting 21 July 2014


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