Wicklow County Council

County-BuildingsThe Wicklow County Council section of the site is split into several sections. This will make it easier to navigate. Councillors have their own section which includes a basic bio and news from the councillors. They will also have their own achievements page. Please forward documented proof of any achievement you are aware of. This section is to give us a league table for councillors so we can see at a glance who is working for their constituents and more important who is not. Councillors who hide their light under a bushell are not doing the job properly and this will become obvious very quickly. 

ABECThe council quangos also has its own section. These include the Enterprise centres, The Gaol and any other Wicklow County Council quango. Some of the areas will be password protected while documents are being either sourced or uploaded. As soon as the picture is complete then password prtection will be lifted for all to see.

There is allso a section for the senior council management so we can all see who exactly runs the Wicklow county council. These individuals spend our money and in some cases appear to act in ways that contravene the local good. This should and will be highlighted. Wgae scales etc will be available as well as contact details along with any media stories around these individuals.


Below are the sections so far. More will be added as we go. Click on the section you want below and read away.

County Councillors

Council Quangos

Council Officials

Council Meetings

Council Meeting Transcripts

Florentine Corruption Scandal

Bray Fire Service Scandals

Greystones Harbour Debacle

Mizen Head Land Grab

Three Trouts €3 Million Screw-up

Illegal Dumping






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