KBC bank eviction has arrived with the sheriff knocking my door

Day 3.


I spoke to Anna Doy;e from People Before Prodit today. Since I’m coming from a point of no idea of what is going on it was a great conversation.

Lots of help and lots of jobs to for me to do. Will let you know how things go. The Hub tomorrow.


Day 1. KBC bank eviction for non payment of mortgage has arrived with the sheriff knocking my door.

Well its official. KBC sent the Sherriff Tom Tankred yesterday with an eviction notice to repossess my home, I received no court notice that this was up or any other correspondence. It seems this was decided without my input. It seems they don’t even need to inform you that this process is happening or need your input in court. They own the courts it seems.

After I lost my job this was coming I understand that. But you would think you’d be entitled to be there when this was decided. I paid 40,000 towards my mortgage while I was working which seems to mean nothing.

I’m now one of the lowest in society according to the banks I paid for according them. Even the sherrif I met yesterday admitted that KBC were bastards and would not in all probability give me two months to find a home.

So where from here

I must find a home. I have at the minimum one month to find a place to lay my head.  I have asked for two months but Tom Tankred the sheriff for KBC Bank says they will not allow that. He was nice enough to admit the sort of people KBC were and that they would not accept two months.

Because of illness, I have been unable to work since I lost my job. I had a good job with good pay before that. In fact, I have never been without a job before this and always paid my way.

But here I find myself one of the victims of the Fine Gael Wreckovery. I find myself like thousands beside me in the que. What do I do now? I’ve looked up the Council website on homelessness and it doesn’t fill me full of hope. It doesn’t tell me that everything will be alright and it doesn’t tell me that the thousands I paid in taxes will give me the buffer to get me back to work and allow a roof over my head.

I now have the form from the council to apply for housing, I found it on the Wicklow County Council website. This will take a few days to fill in. Any advice from people who have been through this would be appreciated.

Because of the activist work I’ve been doing I know there are no Council houses in Arklow so my chances are bleak. My only hope is to find a HAP unit in the private rented sector. Also the one month I’ve been given by KBC is not even sufficient to get my application for housing through the council. There own website says it could take up to 8 weeks. That’s more than the one month that KBC will allow.

I wonder what I did to cause this mess. I know in my heart I didn’t.

I’ll document the eviction and all documents I receive here. So far I haven’t received any documents. even from the sheriff yesterday. This will be a real life and live account of the KBC eviction. Under no circumstance will I hide document not matter what threat that comes from anyone. I’m well used to threats and have many from my anti-corruptionn work. Very hard to shut the pandoras box once the truth is out. Truth is worth far more than the consequences imposed to hide it.

And I’ll take any.



  1. Can someone tell this person it’s not to late to stop the process!! There are appeals courts. There are groups out there that can help this person with information and papers needed to fight this. I know because I have been in this position and won my fight. They can contact me via email or face book and I will steer them in the right direction. It appears this person was denied due process which is a crime.

    1. tell him to get in touch with the hub ireland,,it has a fb page,,,they will have him in his home for years legally, before he has to leave,,,they are brilliant

  2. Please call the hub today call me an I will put u in contact, do not hand back your keys or leave your home 0858472723

  3. Call the hub – ireland today mate and get this process stopped in it’s tracks,don’t mind what the fucking sheriff says he just wants his money for getting you to leave.

  4. well said Vincent Kavanagh – The Hub Ireland the only organisation in six years that has never charged anybody for helping out it fellow man. This poor man did not cause the bank collapse , nor has any banker been jailed for white collar crime. There is very good help out there please ensure this man and his family get in contact with the Hub-Ireland.

  5. Stay where you are, you have another 4 years of appeals and such before you even think of moving, this is only the start ok

  6. Was there a court order ? Was there even a gearing ? You are entitled to be offered terms, then notified of a court hearing, and the sheriff shouldn’t even be involved unless a vacation order had been ignored. Was your original mortgage with KBC, or was it sold to them without your consent. Your contract is with the original lender.

  7. Do not under any circumstances leave your home it is your home stay there contact the Hub they won’t see you wrong and learn your case and know your paperwork inside out you’ll be there for years to come stand up and fight back – best of luck

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