Gardai corruption. Is anybody safe from it?

Gardai ThugGiven what I’ve seen myself, read and heard over the last three years alone I have lost all respect and confidence in the judicial /legal industry and the Gardai.

What happened to Maurice McCabe at the hands of his fellow Gardai in collusion with the other state agencies was and is despicable. It is corruption no matter what way you look at it.

It appears that this is not about a few bad apples but rather the entire barrell is rotten.

The one thing that stands out to me above all the noise regarding the McCabe scandal is the silence of the rank and file Gardai. In any other industry if a colleague was attacked at this level the whole workforce would be on strike and screaming bloody murder. The silence of the Gardai speaks volumes as to the level of corruption in the ranks of the Gardai. There is obviously far more dirty cops than there are clean.

Wicklow CorruptionOver my time investigating corruption here in Wicklow among government agencies I have come across many documented incidents where private citizens have been subjected to harassment by State bodies other than the one they are in dispute with. While not in the premier league of corruption that the Gardai subjected the McCabes to, they still caused massive distress to the families involved.

The three agencies that come up again and again are the County Council, The Gardai and the Revenue. These seem to be the by far the most corrupt bodies in the state, right from the very top to the very bottom.

Collusion between state bodies to attack people they are in dispute with is rife.

I know many incidents but here are just two without naming the innocent private citizen. In one incident a family who were in dispute with the County Council who had stolen a private laneway to facilitate a private development of a crony they wanted to go ahead.

Gardai CarWhen the council came out to do work on the lane, A Garda car was positioned beside their house. There has never been any violence involved with this in any shape or form. But it seems the Council has the Gardai on tap to create a situation. Having more sense the family didn’t engage to be entrapped. They tried to complain at the local station but were given the runaround and never were allowed to speak to the Garda involved.

Not earth shattering but enough to cause major stress to a family who has never been involved in trouble of any kind. They now deeply fear the Gardai and I believe they are right too.

Revenue CorruptionA second incident is far more sinister. A person who was in dispute with their employer over corruption within a state-owned body had several Revenue audits suddenly foisted on them while the case went to court. Bear in mind this person was just an ordinary PAYE worker. The persons spouse had their companies audited several times. Of course, all was in order. A colleague in one of these state bodies involved confirmed where the orders came from.

This person lives on a rural back road. A garda drink-drive checkpoint was planted at their gate for several days in a row. This is not minding public safety. It is sending a message of intimidation.

A nationally well-known investigative journalist warned me a few years ago about this kind of modus operandi. He said “They won’t come at you from the front. They’ll come from the side and you won’t expect it”

I believed him. Later that year a family member was sacked from a state job after 45 years of spotless service. They received a photocopied letter at home in the post telling them their services were not required. Their boss couldn’t even be bothered to sign the letter.

In another incident, a family members house was broken into. The so-called thieves stepped over multiple phones, tablets, laptops and lots of other fast sell expensive items and basically just trashed the place. The investigation was sparse at best by the single Garda. Nothing has happened since and no communication at all from the authorities…. Operation Thor my arse.

As you can see the attacks are subtle enough not to draw attention or give the victim a chance to fight back. Multiple agencies involved means the source of the attack is protected as there is no documented link to them.

Alan Kelly TDIn another incident. A thick file of corruption evidence was delivered to the personal secretary of the then Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly. While the Councillors were present the liaison officer to the county managers rang the personal secretary to know if he was “meeting those lads from Wicklow”. The Ministers secretary was shocked as no appointment had been made and the 3 Cllrs told nobody they were visiting.

The file was subsequently stolen from the minister desk that evening. This was well documented in the Daily Mail in two-page spread.

Wicklow County CouncilA Councillor involved in that evidence delivery was also removed from County Council by a corrupt county manager who somehow believed that because he wore glasses he was Superman and could do what he liked. The supreme court soon put that slimy little man firmly back in his box and the Councillors were reinstated. But of course, his abuse of power cost Wicklow County Council a lot of money that could have been put into services.

It is obvious that this collusion between state agencies to silence anyone interested in the truth which came to horrendous false allegations being leveled at the McCabes is a national problem. The examples above are just a few of the documented incidents I’ve come across. It must be assumed that every contact with any state body is tainted somewhere with corruption.

“Be Careful out there” as one famous US cop show tagline used to say……. Only its the other way round now.


  1. It is not just an Irish problem… it is worldwide and not only that… but state agencies are interlinked between countries so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live… they have the system in place to torment and torture you. I haven’t lived in Ireland since 1985, yet just because I discovered abuse and abandonment (of my mother who had severe Parkinson’s disease and my sister who has downs syndrome) by the HSE and a “brother” and friend of Enda Kenny’s and a “sister” who works for Revenue in Ireland, I got attacked by the Dept of Foreign Affairs (under Eamon Gilmore at the time) and by Revenue in the U.S. The more I fought back and tried to expose the injustice being done to me for no reason, the more viciously I was targeted. Started with the notification to a third party in Ireland that I had committed a crime when I helped my sister (with d.s.) to renew her passport and merely signed the form on the instructions of the Garda at the Castlebar Garda Station. Simultaneously, I was targeted out of the blue for a tax audit and was falsely charged nearly $500,000 because they assessed for “an amount they may feel that I owe” no kidding! The exact same types of oppression described in this article followed after I put a petition for justice and got over 70,000 signatures… police intimidation and eventually they stole my house and everything I ever earned in my entire life.. my cars, stock in trade… the whole lot. So yes this type of state abuse and persecution of the innocent is a HUGE and ever growing problem. Victims are silenced and marginalized and their very survival is threatened. Media are silenced. I have done numerous interviews with journalist “hot to trot” with the story… only to suddenly drop me like I had the plague. You get treated as a persona non grata when you contact any agency of the government for help. They will just ignore you completely. As more and more cases keep coming to light it is getting harder and harder for them to keep a lid on this anymore. When this started on us, no one would believe it was possible. People would say… well you must have done something wrong… no all we ever did was something right! But they can’t let any good deed go unpunished. Anyway, as more and more people are now seeing for themselves the depth of the corruption, they are starting to see that it’s not the victims who are the crazy ones… but rather the perpetrators. All we can hope is that soon the filth won’t have anywhere left to hide and the truth… the whole ugly truth will come out and this “dark age” we are living in… comes to an end.

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