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John-SnellMedia contributions by John Snell. If you know of any I’ve missed please forward them on to me by private message on the Facebook page by CLICKING HERE. If as a councillor you have a media piece that has been missed please contact me also. 



East Coast FM….. Cllr John Snell chairman of the Housing SPC in Wicklow County Council and Fianna Fail TD for Wicklow Pat Casey talking about the confirmation of the Simon Harris leaked “Private Approved Housing Body” built social housing for County Wicklow that will be rented to the County Council.



An Update on the on going situation where Wheelchair Users are being refuses entry on to Bus Eireann wheelchair access designed buses because they didnt give 24 hours notice by phone, dodgy council footpaths and drivers not trained in how to deal with Wheelchair Users.



Cllr John Snell on the plight of Gareth Jameson and other Wheelchair users who cannot use brand new wheel chair accessible buses because of Council footpaths.


John Snell commenting about the private housing stock coming online for use by Wicklow County Council. Wicklow People


It should be noted that these were state / council owned but the government refused funding for 8 years to refurbish them for use. They were sold to a private charity who secured government funding to both buy and pay for the building work. How crazy is that for a system.



Cllr John Snell on the the An Bord Peanala refusal to grant planning for Wind Turbines in Glenealy. Wicklow People


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John Snell


John Snell voted AGAINST the destruction of the historic Fitzwilliam Square. Wicklow People


This has been an ongoing saga. It has been voted on ttwice before and turned down. Due to the council being offered money to fix the traffic problem at the bottom of Phil Healys hill they will not accept a no vote. newly elected councillor at the time to Wicklow municipal district Pat Casey brought it back on the table again. A case of keep voting until you give the right answer. Due to the this vote destruction to this historic area is now imminent. The councillors in the Wicklow municipal district that supported this destruction were Irene Winters, Pat Casey, Daire Nolan and Shay Cullen.

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