Wicklow Solicitor Pat O’Toole charged with corruption

Here are the reports in this weeks local paper regarding the arrest and charging of Wicklow Solicitor and subsequent property developer Pat O’Toole on Corruption charges stemming from an interaction with disgraced former Town Clerk and senior Wicklow County Council official Frank O’Toole (No relation)…. Frank O’Toole was found guilty of corruption last year and was let off with a suspended sentence and a 10,000 fine. The judge at the time said a custodial sentence would serve no purpose??????

This is a very welcome development as the courts begin to unravel the many many corruption scandals that seem to come thick and fast when looking at Local Government in Wicklow.

Indeed a file detailing a lot of these corruption scandals was delivered by hand to the Department of the environment personal secretary to minister Alan Kelly. In a phone call a few months ago to the department that I made I was told that the decision to have an investigation into corruption in Wicklow Local government had not been made yet. Now with a new minister, it is still being hidden by Simon Coveney and his new department.

The full details of every scandal will probably never be known due to an ongoing campaign by those involved to destroy evidence, block and deceive at every turn. But the vast majority will come out whether they like it or not. No law they hide behind will stop that coming…. Once the Pandoras box has been opened I say to these people…. “Good luck shutting and putting all the revelations back in the box”

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