Clare Daly & Bob Dylan brought two Generations Together

Two things happened yesterday. As Dylans contempory would say “I fought Law and the law won”….. For now……Two things of significance to the country and to the world. Two things of real significance.

This week, We really did bring the modern literary world in to a new generation and we brought the 1960s to a whole new generation.

  1. Bob Dylan was recognised with a Nobel Prize for his clashes with establishment.
  2. Clare Daly was issued with a bench warrant for her clashes with the establishment.

It was literally a clash of generations. The 1960s was a world of clashes. Which our modern world wasn’t used to. Along with Bob we saw the 1960s establishment try to silence a person here in 2016 who would publically show the ugly underbelly of the establishment. Clare Daly was issued with a bench warrant for her arrest. Not her first brush with the establishment for her work to bring wrongdoing into the light. And I’m sure not her last.

But this was their world. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. This was just to be a literary nicety. This was just one where we all sat back and loved the fact that Bob Dylan loved his Nobel prize win. We were not supposed to sit back and look at why Dylan got his accolade.

Bob Dylan has spent a lifetime fighting the establishment. Fighting injustice. Fighting the man. Isn’t that what Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have done?

Our world like Bob Dylans world doesn’t like people who fight “The Man”

The two crusaders have fought injustice, that for nearly a decade has done just that. Are they the new Bob Dylans of our time? Somebody must be?

Dylan was vilified for his lyrics and his anti-Patriotic sentiments at the time. Yet here we are giving him a Nobel prize for those same anti-patriotic sentiments. His anti-patriotic words are one of literary world’s biggest prizes.

Surely this accolade alone proves that Wallace and Daly are right?

Are we that bad as a people that we can’t see people who are fundamentally right that we will vilify them just because a corrupt judiciary tells they are. The same judiciary who gives a paedophile a suspended sentence but jails a man for six years because he swaps fruit crates to avoid tax.

Is this the country Collins and Pearce tried to create? Sounds like they failed in a big way, doesn’t it?

The “fiver Friday budget” showed how stupid our politicians have become. I listened to Andrew Doyle on East Coast Radio tell listeners how they should be glad of their fiver and the fact they got their teeth cleaned yet this one time Cllr agreed to a 100 million road for a developer for nothing and voted through as a Cllr.

Now his 5000 riase as a TD and thousands in government farm supplement as well as his son being paid to run the farm is supposed to make us happy…. with a fiver.

4811cbb1522f62394f04fc45a1f2141a_400x400Yet her we are in Wicklow. We have two Ministers. Simon Harris and Andrew Doyle. We have two coalition TDs in Pat Casey and ……..

Yet we have one the lowest IDA job creation figures in the entire country. Why is that? You’d think we would have to defend our job creation figures? Instead our ministers don’t have to bother with it because nobody cares it seems. The numbers are in the toilet.

Are we that stupid that even our politicians are more intelligent than us?