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  1. Congrats on your work in exposing the corrupt goings on in Wicklow. I am very interested in this as I am a member of environmental organisations myself. I’m from N. Dublin but now living in Mayo (another place which has a crooked Council). Hillwalking in Wicklow, including West Wicklow around Donard, was one of the joys of my youth and manhood, hence my particular interest in this cast and hope of an eventual comeuppance for the culprits. As for criminal charges ever being served on the top officials – which they deserve – I’m not holding my breath. This is Ireland, after all, where nobody is ever accountable for anything.
    The scandal has come back to the courts in the form of Brownfield v WCC. It has been in the Irish Times, but there has been no report now for about 10 days. Any idea what’s going on? And will you continue to report on it.
    I can’t find any Court listings for future hearings, so perhaps you may be able to help?

    1. Its being purposely hidden. I”m fairly certain its coming from the department of the environment. And inch thick dossier of corruption evidence was delivered to the department 2 years ago…. Its still sitting in decision stage for 19 months for an investigation…. The whole country is rotten with corruption.

    2. Its still going on Michael. Some of the council officials have tripped themselves up with conflicting evidence from other cases….. The council law agent has now disappeared just before he was to take the stand. It appears he is out sick indefinitely.

  2. Surely if this keeps being reported here and to the right media the have to look into it , I mean Mr. Dooley has all the evidence there ???

    1. You would think. And inch thick documentary evidence file into corruption in Wicklow was handed to Alan Kelly as minister of the environment. It has sat in decision stage for over two years now with no investigation on the horizon. 3 primetime shows have been shelved at the last minute with interviews etc already done. No reason was given for the burying of these shows……..

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