Welcome to the new Wicklow Watch. I felt that Wicklow Council Watch was too narrow a focus. While almost 90% of the corruption in Wicklow has a connection in some way to either councillors or council officials in some shape or form it is not neccessarily being cuased directly there, The problem is that a lot of the underhand dealings involve certain people who are connected to more than the council. Festivals, Harbours, Heritage destruction etc are not directly connected to the council in some cases but the people involved always seem to turn up in other shenanigans.

So I decided to widen the net. A few times I have turned down requests for information on things that don't directly connect to the council even though the same people have turned up. The site now encompasses all corruption, wrongdoing and fraud etc being perpetrated on the ordinary people of Wicklow.

Charlie Melia and Michael Noonan in RTE 2011

For those of you who dont know me. My name is Charlie Melia. I was born and bred in the little village of Rathnew nestled between Ashford and Wicklow Town. I went to school in St Ernans national school in Rathnew, St Patricks national school and St Josephs De La Salle in Wicklow. I have travelled quite a bit and I have lived in Holland and the USA. Believe me, Wicklow isnt the only place rotten with corruption. I have worked in tech industries from software to hardware and consultancy work in Information Security. This expertise has made digging for hidden information a hell of lot easier.

I believe in social justice and I hate watching decent people being steam rolled so some official, Cllr, TD etc can make money for either themselves or the cronys that bankroll them. My favorite one so far in Wicklow is the following. Although there are many more that are much more sinister and far larger in size and complexity.

My favorite example of local corruption is as follows. We'll keep the corrupt indivduals name out of it for the time being. I'm still gathering the evidence but it shows you the type of behaviour thats going on.

"Councillor approaches Joe Citizen and tells them their house would be worth more if they built on an extension. Joe Citizen says he can't afford it. Thats ok says the councillor it wont cost a penny. There is a grant for an extension to house a fictitious parent who is ill or infirm. Joe Citizen says thats great so go ahead. Councillor does all the paperwork and applies for the grant. Councillors SON then proceeds to build the extention. Councillors SON pockets grant for building extention for the fictitious ill parent….. Corruption at local level"

This is just one example in a cesspet of corruption county wide. I have recieved almost 4000 documents to date from many sources. These are people who have the county at their heart. Some are involved very closely with organisations that  

I have NEVER been a member of any political party. I have been accused repeatedly of being a member of certain parties which is not true. Yes I am left leaning. Yes I do believe in social justice. I have never hidden this political leaning. I believe indigenous business and its huge contribution to our local communities. These business enterprises should be supported where they are legitimately trying to make a difference to their local community. But lets be very clear here. Not all local business people have their locality in their heart and will destroy our environment and people given half a chance. These people must be named and their behaviour highlighted.

Please comment on any section you wish and if you have documentation or suggestions for investigations please email me at charlie@wicklowwatch.com


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