Corruption epidemic in local & national government

I was having coffee with a South Dublin Councillor recently and we both agreed. If you let it, the rampant corruption in national and local government bodies would really get […]

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Wicklow Solicitor Pat O’Toole charged with corruption

Here are the reports in this weeks local paper regarding the arrest and charging of Wicklow Solicitor and subsequent property developer Pat O’Toole on Corruption charges stemming from an interaction […]

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Wicklow County Council July 2016 Full Transcript

Transcript:- Monday, 4th July, 2016. Wicklow County Council. 10am Transcript begins. CATHAOIRLEACH: Members, hello? Yeah, could we just, we are starting the meeting about five minutes late, so can we […]

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June Wicklow County Council meeting Transcript

  Wicklow County Council meeting Transcript 13th June 2016: CATHAOIRLEACH: Okay members good morning everybody, thank as million for going here for the early start of 11.30. Let’s just start […]

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The IDA farce at Wicklow Council Meeting April.

Below the summary is the FULL Transcript of the Monday 4th Meeting of Wicklow County Council including the IDA farce. The April meeting had quite a lot to get through. […]

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Wicklow CoCo Meeting… Planning targeted

Todays meeting of Wicklow County Council was a very interesting one. Besides the Planning allegations, Mary Kavanagh took her place in the council and the secretary general Patricia King of […]

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Wicklow County Council, January 2016 Meeting

Event Name: Wicklow County Council Meeting – 11 Jan 2016 Live realtime text from the Council chamber Monday 11th January, 2015. Wicklow CATHAOIRLEACH: Members, good afternoon, and happy New Year […]

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Alan Kelly Ignores Corruption Evidence

Is Alan Kelly Ignoring Corruption in County Councils A year ago the Minister of the environment Alan Kelly of the Labour Party received a dossier of corruption evidence around Wicklow […]

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