Corruption epidemic in local & national government

I was having coffee with a South Dublin Councillor recently and we both agreed. If you let it, the rampant corruption in national and local government bodies would really get […]

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Wicklow Solicitor Pat O’Toole charged with corruption

Here are the reports in this weeks local paper regarding the arrest and charging of Wicklow Solicitor and subsequent property developer Pat O’Toole on Corruption charges stemming from an interaction […]

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May Wicklow County Council Meeting Agenda

May Meeting Agenda The May ordinary meeting of Wicklow County Council commences today at 2pm. Any Citizen can go and there is a public gallery at the back for those […]

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Planning Staff Protocol – Serious Repercussions

The Agenda for tomorrows Monday 4th meeting of Wicklow County Council shows Item 19 an update on the proposed protocol following the presentation from planning staff at the last ordinary […]

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Wicklow CoCo Meeting… Planning targeted

Todays meeting of Wicklow County Council was a very interesting one. Besides the Planning allegations, Mary Kavanagh took her place in the council and the secretary general Patricia King of […]

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Council AGM ’15 & Sham Vote

Today June 5th was the AGM of the county council. A fairly dull affair by council standard but the lies told were unbelievable. At the bottom of this summary is […]

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Good Bye Eddie Sheehy, What was he thinking

Before getting into the mud bath that was todays county council meeting I want to say one thing. It was great to see former Wicklow Town Councillor and council employee Gail […]

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