Corruption epidemic in local & national government

I was having coffee with a South Dublin Councillor recently and we both agreed. If you let it, the rampant corruption in national and local government bodies would really get […]

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May Wicklow County Council Meeting Agenda

May Meeting Agenda The May ordinary meeting of Wicklow County Council commences today at 2pm. Any Citizen can go and there is a public gallery at the back for those […]

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Wicklow CoCo Meeting… Planning targeted

Todays meeting of Wicklow County Council was a very interesting one. Besides the Planning allegations, Mary Kavanagh took her place in the council and the secretary general Patricia King of […]

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Wicklow voters still have a lot to be proud of

While the general election did not produce an overall majority in seats for the real left political parties in Wicklow and across the entire country it is important to look […]

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Barracuda, yet another major Council scandal

Barracuda At this stage most people will have at least heard the rumours surrounding the building that houses the Barracuda restaurant and the Sealife Aquarium. You’ll have heard rumours of […]

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