Somebody needs to be FIRED in Wicklow County Council

FiredNow that the dust has settled and the headlines have disappeared on the John Brady illegal eviction case we’ve had time to reflect on what it means. Somebody in Wicklow County Council Senior Management needs to be held responsible. Somebody needs to be at least fired.

What has become clear is that this is not the first time that Wicklow County Council continuously engages in very expensive court cases taken with our money. Last December another major case in the Supreme Court was lost against another former elected official.

In recent memory, we’ve also seen Wicklow County Council involved in another case against other elected councillors to have them removed from the council. Thankfully common sense prevailed then too when the Council was told by the Supreme Court that they don’t have the right to remove democratically elected people from our council.

These are only a few small examples of the expensive Councils legal forays. I could mention others like the Bray Fighters case which had two court cases. There are couple more in court at this very moment.

There are dozens of cases involving Wicklow County Council at any one time. Not all of these are frivolous or wrong. Lots of them are serious and our council should defend or initiate them. We’re not talking about those.

But it appears that when these expensive frivolous cases do come along the council does not know when to admit wrongdoing.
garda Raid Wicklow CoCoThey continue to rack up costs in the name of “Defending the councils interests”. They have somehow mixed up “defending the Council interests” with “defending personal egos” when it comes to these expensive frivolous court cases.

The costs of the frivolous court cases taken or defended by Wicklow County Council are astronomical. We have to remember that this money comes directly out of services. Individuals in the council senior management use our money as if it were monopoly money to stroke their own egos and slap elected officials who don’t come in line with whatever agenda they have at the time.

These costs over the years are running into millions. Just the first two cases mentioned here will probably hit the million mark alone.

Whitestown MapSo why isn’t any member of senior management ever held responsible for this gross mishandling of our money? Money badly needed. Several Wicklow County Council offices in the last few months have been closed due to lack of staff. The housing desk only opened until 1pm and multiple cuts to services.

Not one single member of management in Wicklow County Council has gotten as much as a slap on the wrist for this gross misconduct. We see members of the senior management splashed all over the Wicklow People at every crisp bag opening but not one has ever appeared to answer for this unbelievable misconduct at best and sinister personal agendas at worst.

Court-CostsSo why hasn’t any member of senior management been held accountable for this? Where is the transparency? We as citizens of Wicklow, owners and financial backers of Wicklow County Council should see the costs of these frivolous cases.

Who in the senior management is pursuing these frivolous and very expensive court cases? We deserve to know who is and who isn’t working for the people of Wicklow. There are definitely members of the senior management team working to their own personal agenda and egos.

One local newspaper headline demanded an apology for one of these cases. While an apology would be welcome I don’t think that comes anywhere close to being enough. The people pursuing these cases need to be identified, held publically accountable and FIRED.

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  1. Don’t sue the council, the taxpayer didn’t do any harm. Sue the individuals who acted beyond their authority, ignorance is no excuse.

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